» » » "Азов" вооружили новейшей техникой - Аваков.

"Азов" вооружили новейшей техникой - Аваков.

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"Азов" вооружили новейшей техникой - Аваков.

"Азов" вооружили новейшей техникой - Аваков.
"Азов" вооружили новейшей техникой - Аваков.
"Азов" вооружили новейшей техникой - Аваков.

Арсен Аваков на своих страницах в фейсбуке сообщает о новой технике отправленной в зону АТО.
Да, я знаю – еще Сунь-Цзы сказал: Самые великие победы те, которых ты достиг не сражаясь.
Но враг сейчас и всегда должен знать – мы не будем слабыми, мы не будем безответны. И коль приходится – дадим бой, будем крепкими и будем сражаться за свою страну.
Потому крепчаем и тактически и технически. Вооружаемся, учимся.
Сегодня в Новых Петровцах вместе с Олександр Турчинов принимали новый образец огневой «необитаемой башни» на бронемашины. У оператора внутри БТРа или бронемашины спецпанель наведения и управления (оптика, ночник, тепловизор). На башне вверху в боевой позиции – крупнокалиберный пулемет, противотанковые ракеты семейства Стугна. Все – новейшая разработка.
Первые шесть Спартанов, оснащенные башнями – с обученными экипажами сегодня прошли приемку и отправляются в зону боевых действий – в расположение Полка «Азов» Национальной гвардии Украины.
С ними – прямо в расположение части – еще 12 машин: лифты-погрузчики бронетехники, бронированные Кразы – вахтовки, Кразы-транспортники, машины медпомощи.
Азов и Батальон им. Кульчицкого – одни из самых дисциплинированных и боеспособных частей в составе Нацгвардии. Добровольцы и кадровые военные – вооруженные качественной техникой и тактически выученные – они на деле показали как в короткий срок можно создать боеспособные подразделения для защиты Украины.
Горжусь ребятами!


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Dose-related liver disease, albuterol which is sometimes deadly, has actually also been reported. It must be kept in mind that one-third of all PD patients do not have cephalexin trembling. The program will additionally include effexor avoiding sun and using proper defense against ultraviolet radiation. We can deal with this requirement of yours by supplying a list of pharmacies readily available on clindamycin our special contrast page. This side effect is more than likely to develop throughout the initial 3 months of the therapy in patients doxycycline hydrochloride 100mg more youthful compared to 24. This drug has actually been stated to enter breast orlistat over the counter milk and impact the growth and development of a nursing infant. Do not have laser skin therapies while taking Accutane and throughout cheap generic nexium half a year after you quit taking it. Citalopram as well as placebo groups were compared to regard to(1) indicate modification from standard in important indicators (rhythm, systolic blood tension, as well as elimite cream for sale diastolic blood stress)and also( 2)the incidence of clients satisfying requirements for possibly clinically considerable changes from standard in these variables. Inform your physician promptly if you notice any one of the complying with sildenafil signs, especially if they take place within many weeks of quiting therapy with Rulide D. Prednisolone is suggested for the therapy of reduced corticosteroid degrees along with for the treatment of certain problems in patients with hydrochlorothiazide losartan typical corticosteroid degrees. Retin-A will not assist advair you get clear of the pimples for life, yet as lengthy as you take it. Atazanavir: Atazanavir absorption might suffer based on known communications with other brokers furosemide 20 mg tab that boost stomach pH. This is a chance for you to finally make certain your Antabuse obtains to you as site here guaranteed and your procedure starts as prepared.

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While it is unclear whether this medication is the actual cause, if you clomid have obtained some weight and did not alter your way of life by any means, talk with your medical professional. Do not eat foods higher in erythromycin cholesterol or fat deposits, as you may not take advantage of taking Crestor in that instance. Zetia is a medicine utilized to reduced levels of complete where to buy stromectol cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels in the blood. Amiodarone passes right into boob milk and also might have unfavorable results on xenical 120 mg for sale a nursing little one. Special Senses: infrequent: eye discomfort, abnormality of accommodation, conjunctivitis, hearing problems,, lacrimation ailment, angle-closure glaucoma, hyperacusis, ear pain; unusual: blepharitis, sildenafil partial transitory hearing problems, otitis media, taste loss, parosmia. The adhering to cipro mild negative effects are possible: pyrosis ( heartburn ), runny nose, lightheadedness, indigestion, stale nose, lightheadedness, and fainting. You will be probably tetracycline antibiotics advised one application every night not long prior to you have to go to bed. WARNING: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (consisting of voltaren) could seldom enhance the danger for a cardiac arrest or bactrim ds without prescription stroke. In today's globalization age an increasing number of Indians are opting to work outside India bring about a rise in the diaspora tetracycline online without prescription populace.

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Viagra works for advair without prescription guys of all ages with continual and one-time problems triggered by either physical or emotional issues. Rimonabant should wellbutrin be taken with a glass of water everyday before your initial meal. Viagra (sildenafil citrate) is the globe's most preferred erectile dysfunction medication reliable in assisting guys of any age to lisinopril 5mg tab maintain a construction and attain. Such clients need to mention their disorders to the medical professional before nexium online pharmacy the therapy can be begun. This info is not specific clinical insight and does not replace information you receive from your healthcare indocin company.

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No generic for diflucan considerable lethality was noted in male and also female computer mice as well as rats at single dental dosages up to 4 g/kg. The following negative effects are possible: throwing up, muscle pain, upper respiratory infection, aching neck, bronchitis, intestinal soreness, trouble talking, diarrhea, headaches, cough, and nausea. Record to your doctor order lasix with no prescription any of them that obtain troublesome and disrupt your everyday life. Never ever share your medication with other individuals to whom it was not recommended, as this could create a variety of serious negative side effects in them because of this. Medicines are sometimes suggested for disorders that are not buy diflucan stated in patient information leaflets. If you occur to miss one make certain you do not take a double amount to compensate, as this is not visiting make the procedure of losing weight vardenafil tablets much faster or much more reliable. Bradycardia: Administer IV atropine. generic vardenafil If the reaction is poor, isoproterenol or another representative with good chronotropic homes might be offered cautiously. Under some scenarios, transvenous or transthoracic pacemaker positioning might be required. You will have a possibility to acquire finest high quality generic Clomid, which will function magnificently for you, and pay less money every time you look. You will obtain all those alternatives once you visit our secure comparison web page and pick the ideal drug store you would certainly such as to be going shopping with. vardenafil We will certainly provide you an opportunity to decide on the very best drug store and begin looking for Clomid in just a couple of mins. Keep in mind: valtrex pills This web page has details concerning the negative effects of mesalamine. Some of the dosage forms consisted of on this file could not put on the brand name Asacol. This details does not supported any kind of medication as safe, effective, or authorized for dealing with any sort of patient buy cipro or health and wellness problem. Prospective repercussions of weight gain ought to be taken into consideration prior to starting olanzapine. People obtaining olanzapine ought to receive normal monitoring of weight [view where can i buy albuterol inhaler Patient Counseling Information (17.

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Tramadol (Ultram) is a discomfort relieved that can be made use of to treat persistent discomfort or discomfort buy amitriptyline connected with some injury. The effects of this medication are based upon changing the method your buying acyclovir online body senses pain. Do not incorporate Levitra with any medication meant for the procedure of blood tension elavil drug and prostate issues (alpha-blockers), or nitrate-based medicines as these could impact your blood pressure as well as have deadly repercussions. Your medical professional will certainly constantly should understand about buy celebrex without prescription any type of health care conditions you have and any medicines you are making use of for them. Your amount of Tadalafil might be impacted by those sterapred ds factors, or your medical professional will certainly should keep your progression under command for a long time to ensure you react well to the therapy recommended. Levitra (vardenafil) is a powerful prescription medicine used for the site procedure of various erectile disorder cases. You can, however, use Cytotec generic acyclovir if your medical company suggested it to cause labor.

Empt2o7ug (23.10.15)
This natural herb is additionally a nerve activator as well as look at this aids to boost the blood circulation in the male body organ making it big and body fat. These medications can disrupt Levitra and trigger some unpleasant negative effects tetracycoline with out a prescription that you can prevent, provided that you review your treatment with your medical provider beforehand. Do not share xenical 120 mg for sale this medication with other people to who it was not prescribed. The impacts of Zimulti are based on turning off mind circuits tasked with meals hungers, so you ampicillin will certainly have the ability to eat lees without being constantly starving. Metabolic: Weight loss, dehydration, fluid overload, diclofenac gout pain, weight gain. Cases of hypoglycemia in diabetic individuals on oral antidiabetic brokers or the hormone insulin have actually been stated (see PRECAUTIONS, Drug Interactions). If it's practically time to cheap cialis take an additional dose after the one you missed out on and you bore in mind about it when it was as well late - avoid the dosage missed. This medicine has actually been mentioned to enter breast buy cipro online canada milk and influence the growth and advancement of a nursing baby. Acquire emergency situation medical help if you have any one of these indicators of an allergy to Vytorin: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, cymbalta lips, tongue, or throat. Beta-receptor obstructing acyclovir agents and albuterol prevent the impact of each various other. Sildenafil (Viagra citrate) is a PDE5 medicine that has actually been specifically antabuse designed for the procedure of male impotence. Propecia (finasteride) is a medication known to avoid the conversion of testosterone generic prednisone without prescription to dihydrotestosterone consequently aiding men taking it to re-grow some of the hair they shed.

Kesnm77va (23.10.15)
In the avoidance research of people initiating glucocorticoids, the incidence of vertebral fractures at 1 year was amoxicillin reduced from 17 % in the inactive medicine group to 6 % in the Actonel team. Irbesartan was found to go across the placental obstacle iv solu-medrol in rats as well as rabbits. It boosts the degree of antibody-forming cells, bactrim consequently raising the physical body's resistance to infection. Screening generic wellbutrin sr Patients for Bipolar Disorder-- A significant depressive episode might be the preliminary discussion of bipolar illness. This is not levaquin a total list of all adverse effects that could happen. If you have inquiries about side results, call your wellness treatment service provider. Call your physician for medical insight about negative effects. John's wort, antibiotics, antidepressants, epilepsy drugs, rifampicin, antifungals, drugs for regular blood lipid levels, depression allopurinol medicines, medications for weight loss, antidiabetes medicines, and HIV medicines. Never share Zimulti with other people to whom it was not recommended, as you might not recognize all the contraindications this individual may have or some wellness problems that may prevent them from safely taking Zimulti.